Islamic architecture is stunningly intricate, and the White Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a prime example. The walls boast elegant arches and abstract organic and geometric patterns in relief. The exterior architecture boasts elegant curvilinear elements echoed by the designs on the floor. Figurative depiction is frowned upon thus one hardly sees the human figure in Islamic art. The serpentine line is another defining characteristic, and it influenced the highly decorative Art Nouveau style.

Again, the UAE reveals itself to be a land of seemingly contradictory juxtapositions. Ancient mosques can be found not too far from futuristic, gleaming skyscrapers. Houses in sandy pink hues rise from the ground, becoming a natural part of the desert landscape. Dusty, pastel hues like baby blue and pale rose contrast with hot, saturated colours like vermillion. Strangely, the whole mishmash of aesthetics somehow works.