It was a week-long extravaganza held at Suntec City Convention Centre, featuring fantasy gardens, floral arrangements, orchid displays and a marketplace selling gardening supplies and produce. Landscape design is not something I frequently encounter in land-deficient Singapore. Awed by the creativity shown, I took tons of photos.

I loved the neat little rooms created by Japanese designers for showcasing innovative plant displays. They were a great example of how to incorporate greenery in modern homes, including high-rise apartment units. The numerous inventive details really captured my attention.

Mini plants (bonsai) are a cute, space-conscious, more manageable alternative to large potted ones.

Plants in drawers! How ingenious and adorable!

The dual-function bamboo shelves/ planters are a striking touch.

A more traditional Japanese room with tatami mat and minimal furniture. The plant wall/ window shade complements the clean aesthetic while adding some interest. It’s a rather clever way of keeping out some sun too.

Of course, why stick to window shades when one can have plant-filled veranda doors? It allows for greater user control and lets in more of the view.

More pictures to come!