Lately I find myself gravitating towards simpler pieces, sometimes with masculine touches. I confess to occasionally raiding my father’s and brothers’ wardrobe for oversized, oh-so-comfy shirts. There I also found a perfectly distressed brown leather belt that smartens up any outfit.

I’ve discovered some style icons of the past who are lesser-known than, say, Audrey Hepburn or Jane Birkin. I can totally imagine their clothes being worn today- a testament to timeless chic. French singer Francoise Hardy is one of them. You can find her lispy, sensual vocals on Youtube. Her breezy, effortless outfits seem to be a reflection of her singing style.

Then there’s actress Jean Seberg, who looks adorable with her pixie cut. It definitely distinguishes her from the pack and adds a hint of boyish charm to her appearance.

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