Many of us constantly feel pressured by society to do something… anything. The accomplishments of others shame us, fill us with envy, and make us feel inferior and guilty for not achieving the same. Hence, we strive to fill our time with all sorts of activities and plans, the grander the better. That internship with a top company? Check. Organizing a community welfare trip to some impoverished country? Check. It seems that we need the admiring gaze of others for self-validation.

What’s disappeared in its place is the art of doing… nothing. Nothing meaning curling up in bed with a good book, watching a film at home, or listening to music. Taking a walk along the river. Sitting on a bus by oneself with no destination in mind. Just chilling out at home instead of attending yet another social event. What happened to personal time and space? When the days pass at lightning-speed, when is there ever time for reflection or meditation?

My favourite time of the day is when I’ve just woken up, or just before bed. The promise of a new day fills me with hope and anticipation, and I say a silent prayer. Of course, I find that this precious time is increasingly taken from me by schoolwork or other demands. More often than not I wake up sleep-deprived yet having to get out of bed immediately. But on weekends, I savour that time spent in bed, lost in my thoughts and doing absolutely nothing. Sweet bliss.