“You’re ready? Are you watching? Here goes…” We watched, dumbfounded, as he sailed over the edge without a trace of apprehension.

One of the things I love about travelling is the opportunity to meet interesting people. This man in question was a rock-climber I met at a cliff in Malibu Beach. His accent sounded somewhat Swedish. He had his own gear and it was obvious he’d been doing it for some time. “It’s the thrill of it, no? What’s life without a little risk and adventure?” he explained. We inspected his equipment and discovered that it was rather rudimentary. He was saved from immediate death simply by his harness connected to a rope latched around a rock. “You’ve really got to trust the rock,” My friend commented.

Why I am saying this? Because sometimes in life you’ve got to take a chance, go along with the tide and trust the rock. In my case I’m lucky to have God as my everlasting, unyielding rock. This new year I pray that He will open new opportunities to me, even ones I’ve never dreamt of.

Cheers to an exciting ride!