Finally found The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan at my local library and finished it. Now I’m aware that diet is a sensitive subject, with so-called ‘words of wisdom’ being preached by many. The virtues of a vegan and raw food diet have in particular been extolled. Reading Pollan has solidified my beliefs gained from personal experience, providing the scientific basis for my instincts. A mostly plant-based, less-processed diet does work better for me. When I eat less meat, processed carbs and refined sugars, I feel so much healthier. It’s something that’s hard to put in words; perhaps the closest equivalent is the sensation of lightness. It’s easier for me as I’ve always loved fruits and vegetables anyway and dislike huge chunks of meat. However, I still have trouble giving up dairy products and sugary foods because I enjoy sweet, milky drinks and desserts.

Pollan’s observation that we have essentially become walking bodies of processed corn really freaked me out for some reason. After all, we are quite literally what we eat. Never has that old adage rung as true as now.