The Salad Stop-   All the salads here are pretty much top-notch (haven’t tried the wraps). While not all are vegan/ vegetarian, you can easily request to substitute the meat for another ingredient in the same price range. My favourites? The Go Geisha (Japanese-inspired with edamame and soba noodles), Habibi (Middle Eastern with falafel included), Cheaper than a Facial (love the tanginess of the Thai lemongrass dressing) and Iron “Wo” Man (substitute the feta cheese for avocado).

The Soup Spoon-   Get the Pumpkin Soup (deliciously smooth) and the Falafel Hummus Wrap (immensely satisfying). I’m eager to try other vegan options on the menu.

Bibigo-  Offers vegetarian bibimbap (cold or hot stone) with a choice of rice- get the brown or red rice. I especially love the variety and generous serving of ingredients which combine to form a very nutritious, satisfying meal.

Veganburg– For those who crave a good ol’ burger but thought it’s impossible to have a meatless patty, this place is for you. I’ve only tried the Cracked Pepper Mayo, Smoky BBQ and Char-Grilled Satay. All three were pretty good. Their burger buns, which include whole-wheat ciabatta and rye bread, are healthier and taste better than the refined, commercial ones found at most fast-food joints. I also like the texture and taste of their patties which are made from beans/ lentils. I wouldn’t say that these burgers contain enough vegetables to make a balanced meal though.

Brownice-  You didn’t think I’d leave out desserts, did you? This is ice-cream done the vegan way, with brown rice milk. I find the flavours more ‘pure’, as ice-cream made with cow’s milk tends to be too rich, sweet and cloying for my taste. My personal favourites thus far are the Pumpkin Coconut, Dark Chocolate and Pandan. Yet to try their vegan waffles and mud pie.

For me, the whole idea of a vegan diet is nutrition, not deprivation. I delight in ingredients which taste fresh, wholesome and not overcooked. Eating a proper vegan meal makes me feel energized and great.