This would obviously work for vegetarians as well, or simply anyone wishing for delicious and nutritious vegetable-based dishes.

– Urth Caffe 

This is my favourite cafe in LA with lots of vegan options. The freshness of the ingredients makes the food shine. There is no shortage of drinks to accompany your meal, and I especially like the coffee and smoothies.

TriedGrilled Veggie with Pesto Sandwich, Margarita Pizza (vegetarian), The Urth Salad, Vegetarian Chilli, Spanish Latte (with soy milk- yum yum), Strawberry and Kiwi Smoothie (so refreshing!)


– Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

This place is a total dream- everything on the expansive menu is vegan and organic so you can order to your heart’s content! Raw food dishes are also available. The servings are pretty generous as well and the ‘Ice Kreme’ bar will tempt you.

Tried: Falafel Bowl, Jamaican Jerk Burger


– Flore Vegan Cuisine 

Great for vegans who love breakfast and brunch. The weekend brunch menu is particularly special.

Tried: Tofu Benediction (its creamy vegan benedict sauce and the lightly-seared tempeh ‘bacon’ is seriously addictive)


– Cafe Gratitude 

I find this restaurant overpriced but it’s one of the few that offers a wide selection of fully-raw dishes. Warning: portion sizes for the mains tend to be on the smaller side, and the taste takes some getting used to for those less accustomed to raw food.

TriedI AM HAPPY Mediterranean wrap with live falafels, I AM TERRIFIC Live kelp noodles (need to buy some of these for myself), I AM MAHALO Raw deep dish Hawaiian pizza, I AM DIVINE Apple, beet, lemon and ginger juice, I AM IRRESISTABLE Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie (Mmmm), I AM MYSTICAL Raw cacao and coconut macaroon (tasty little nibs)

– Any Farmer’s Market

Pretty much every sizeable farmer’s market will have stalls with vegan foods, be it baked goods, jams and dips or Mexican eg. veggie tamales and quesadillas. The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market is huge and possibly my favourite. Plus of course, what could be better than the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables (plus the samples)?


– Juice Bars/ Trucks

Look out for these in LA as they have a growing presence. Many offer juice cleanse programs as well.

Tried: Pressed Juicery’s Citrus 2 (energizing, thirst-quenching blend of pineapple, lemon, apple and mint), Greens 5, Carrot Apple Ginger (the touch of ginger is ingenious), Apple Lemon Ginger Cayenne, Apple Strawberry Coconut