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Usually I scout for the cheapest deals when grocery shopping, which means that Asian supermarkets in places like Flushing are the best bet. If I want a classy shopping experience, here’s where I’d head to.

Trader Joe’s




The in-house range of products (Trader Joe’s brand) is always fun to check out. There’s tons of frozen gourmet food that actually tastes good, for times you don’t feel like cooking.

Try: Brown Rice Gluten-free Bread (non-wheat), Frozen Veggie Patties (there’s a few kinds, including an Indian spiced one), Trader Joe’s Almond Butter (pure crushed almond goodness), Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade (use as a spread, dip or salad dressing)

Whole Foods

P1020010 P1020011 P1020012 P1020014 P1020018 P1020022This place is a serious mecca of vegan products, including all-natural skincare items. A must-see for any vegan tourist. 

Try: Non-dairy ice-cream (choose between soy milk, rice milk or coconut milk as a base), vegan baked goods (chocolate chip cookie!), vegan desserts to go (chocolate fudge!), the best salad bar ever (a little pricy, but vegan options are clearly labelled and there’s Indian dishes too)