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I’m particularly drawn to museums not only for their collection of art and historical pieces but also their stunning interior spaces. Museums are purposefully divided into individual rooms yet possess an overall sense of flow. The clean white walls and high ceilings create a lofty, sanctified space that elevates the art objects displayed.

Museum of Modern Art (New York)

P1020087 P1020086 P1020082 P1020068 The architecture of MOMA is suitably modern with its minimal, angular lines (reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement) and punctuations of greys and blacks. In fact, it looks like an Ad Reinhardt or Barnett Newman painting in three-dimensional form. I particularly like how the MOMA integrates indoor and outdoor space and incorporates a strong sense of natural light through the towering glass windows.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

P1010665 P1010596 P1010581 P1010580 P1010477 P1010475The Met is a must-see for its breathtaking architectural details, which include vaulted ceilings, soaring arches, Greco-Roman columns and marble floors. The museum is segmented into various wings with individual architectural identities that somehow blend together into a seamless whole. Modern touches are cleverly incorporated to preserve the historical value but keep it from appearing dated.