This post features a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore specializing in Asian fusion cuisine.P1020872 Korean Brown Rice– this dish didn’t really taste Korean but the sautéed mushroom stems were an interesting addition. P1020871

Avocado Hand Roll– Vietnamese rice paper was used to wrap these, which were fresh and light-tasting.

P1020870Forest Mushroom Soup– this soup had a natural mushroom taste but could do with more flavour.
P1020869Pumpkin Salad– a combination of greens, roasted pumpkin, and a garnish of plum vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds and goji berries made for a satisfying, well-balanced dish.P1020873Green Tea Soy Yoghurt– this dessert was of average quality; light and not cloying.

Visit 7 Sensations if you fancy a light meal or are open to trying fairly innovative, pan-Asian vegetarian concoctions.