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Veggie burger patties are one of my favourite vegan products because of the convenience they offer. Premade and easily reheated in the microwave, they can be used not only for burgers but also in sandwiches and salads. They are not a replacement for real, fresh vegetables and should be eaten sparingly as a processed food, but I find them handy for supplementing meals, packing to the office or as a quick fix. Besides, why pay a hefty price for a veggie burger at a restaurant when you can recreate one at home? These are the brands that I’ve tried and liked (all vegan).

Hilary’s Eat Well 

phpE8g60pProductLarge1000952Hilary’s is a great option for vegans sensitive to nuts, soy, corn or gluten. The flavors I’ve tried are the Adzuki Bean and the Root Veggie Burger. Both were yummy, perfectly-seasoned and had great texture. They don’t fall apart easily, making them suitable for packing lunches. The flavors are versatile and easy to air with salads.

Dr Praeger’s


The California Veggie Burger is the flavor I tried. It’s a nice go-to veggie patty and is purportedly a healthier choice with lower sodium (though I won’t trust labels too easily- read the ingredient list). It is important to note that, as with all processed foods, veggie patties can contain quite some salt.

Trader Joe’s



I really like the well-balanced taste of Trader Joe’s Veggie Burger but the texture is slightly crumbly and tends to fall apart after heating. I don’t particularly mind but this could be a problem when making sandwiches/ burgers. The Vegetable Masala Burger is a special treat, especially if you like Indian food or are craving something a little spicy.