I’m currently following the series Reign on the CW channel. It’s pure entertainment, great for winding down to after work. I like that it makes no pretensions about historical accuracy. The costumes reflect this, as they are a blend of elements from different historical eras. Personally, I prefer Reign‘s take to seeing women all trussed-up in stiff Elizabethan clothing (think farthingales, leg-o-mutton sleeves with bombasting, whisks etc.).

I also enjoy seeing the creative licenses taken by the costume designer to create beautiful outfits appropriate for each scene. Costumes play such an integral role in setting the mood. Mary (Queen of Scots) has a wardrobe of gorgeous dresses, and her headpieces are a lovely detail. I appreciate the subtle corsetry and I noticed the high neck with ruffled black organza in one of her dresses, which might be a nod to the Elizabethan ruff. I think the pared-down costumes help make this centuries-old narrative relevant to modern day.

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